iClinic Equipment

At the Iclinic you can be sure that we are using the most up to date, modern equipment. We are absolutely serious about being able to detect early eye diseases and so we invest where we can improve the quality of eye care our patients receive.Unlike many other opticians we use digital equipment which allows us to obtain accuracy with patient comfort. Below are examples of our equipment that we use for improving the eyecare service you receive.

Portable Intraocular pressure diagostic machine-New Icare ic100  tonometer

The device is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drops or air. The new premium design and user interface bring IOP measuring to a new level.

Portable Focimeter/Lensmeter- To measure your current prescription and advise of any changes.

Portable Visual field analyser- for detection of ocular disease including early signs of Glaucoma

Digital Test Chart-To allow accurate, variable and recordable Prescription details.

Trial lenses

Compact trolley to ensure opticians have large range of equipment handy

Colour vision testing using world recognised Ishihara plates-Excellent screening tool for congenital and acquired colour vision loss

Titmus fy test and TNO stereotest-For the assessment of binocular vision(critically used for children)

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