About Us

We are a team of Opticians and highly trained optical staff with over 25 years experience. Your journey as a patient of ours is very important to us. We promise to deliver a comprehensive eyetest to manage/detect ocular health problems and offer the very best quality product ranges for everyone. Our professionals are unlike other opticians who make recommendations based on the sales tag, we make recommendations based on clinical needs and do not limit our patients from the best quality products that we offer you.

At Theiclinic we use advanced equipment which is highly modern, digital and portable. This allows us to visit your very home or almost any mobile site.

We offer both NHS and private services. For those who do not qualify for NHS a private service is available and commonly arranged by employers for the assessment of visual display unit(VDU use).

Our range of spectacles covering all ranges, call us on 0208 212 7381 to get an idea.

Our range of over 200 glasses means you have a large selection of frames including our own branded high quality frames or the various designer frames we offer.

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