About Us

We are a team of Opticians and highly trained optical staff with over 10 years experience working in more than over 20 different high street opticians nationally. This has given us skills to collaborate and developin order to provide an ‘All Inclusive & Optimum Optician service.

Our staff endeavour to deliver high quality customer care along with promoting the best quality products that is best suited for your individual needs.

We have advanced equipment which is highly modern, digital and portable.

We offer both NHS and private services. For those who do not qualify for NHS a private service is available and commonly arranged by employers for the assessment of visual display unit(VDU use).

When you speak to a Iclinic practitioner you can trust that we will only recommend something that you need and benefit from. Each patient is given a custom recommendation and tailored eyetest to ensure best quality of life and comprehensive eye testing.

Our range of spectacles covers all ranges- you now can have affordable glasses, call us now to find out if you qualify for free glasses or perhaps something in our budget range to give you more options to choose from.

Our range of over 200 glasses means you can now also select premium designer frames. There will be no excessive fees unlike many other places. This is the reason why our patient recomendations are so good and the reason our patients call us back for a regular service!

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